Commercial Work

 And/ Or Book Awards Trailer

This is the trailer for the 25th Anniversary of the And/ Or book Awards held in April 2010 at the BFI. A distinguised panel of judges declared mine as the winner! 

Man & the Moon

Book Trailer for Rick Stroud's 'The Book of the Moon'

This is a short film about our mysterious relationship with the moon and the constant endeavours to unravel the enigmas that surround it. To discover and understand more about our nearest neighbour in space, read the wonderful 'The Book of the Moon' by Rick Stroud. More info at

P.S. Mr. Stephen Fry tweeted this as a "rather sweet animation'

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Our Friend Earth


This is the first in a series of 3 animated shorts called 'Our Friend Earth' that I directed and animated for Nick Jr. UK in 2007.  It was nominated for a Children's BAFTA in 2007
Produced by Claire Norowzian and Jonathan Mazur

Baat Ek Bat ki

Here is one of my earliest shorts that was made in collaboration with the Delhi Film Archive for the 3 Screens Film Festival at the India Social Forum 2006 in New Delhi. 'Baat Ek Bat Ki' (A Bat's Tale) was the signature film for the 3 Screens Film Festival.