Short Films


A little girl gets lost only to find a strange little friend in a strangeness of the London Underground...

Myths About You

Signature Film for the Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, India

Synopsis: The film is a journey through an unfamiliar space-time - and walks along the path that somewhere along the way threw up humans as a contingent outcome of the course it took. Somewhere along the way, humans lost the life in living - the film hopes to reignite that very feeling of oneness with our landscapes and fellow-beings that we have forgotten all about in this futile, endless race. Myths About You explores the evolution of life, balancing itself on the delicately entwined threads of the mystical and the empirical.

When Bugwan Got Squished

This is my first animated short film made as part of my undergraduate course at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. It was shot on 35mm on the Oxberry Camera, which is one of the few original animation camera setups that still exist in India.

Synopsis: When Bugwan got Squished is the story of a little girl who isn't allowed to go to school and an incorrigible little bug who wants it all for himself